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Logistics Technology is Increasing in Complexity

Every company in logistics is under pressure to maintain modern and relevant technology. Competitors, suppliers, and customers all demand real-time, relevant data and up to the minute market-leading solutions.

It’s challenging for companies to find the time, money and internal expertise to implement technological change and innovation.

That’s where we get involved.

Tech and Logistics Expert

Marshall helps logistics and freight companies implement technological change and innovation. He has 25 years of freight and logistics expertise with extensive tech and startup knowledge. He works with companies who need to replace obsolete logistics software and hardware.

Logistics Technology Mindmap – Now Available!

A comprehensive guide to ensure you make good technology decisions that reduce risk and maximise positive outcomes.

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Independent Advice

Ask Marsh is independent and won’t take commission or benefits from the solutions we recommend.

Logistics Tech Experience


General Manager and COO of one of Australia’s longest-standing freight management companies.


COO of Myfreight. Helped spec, design, build, implement and grow award-winning technology.


CEO and Founder of the world’s only genuinely crowdsourced on-demand last mile delivery company.

Logistics Tech Services

Market Research

Research Options, Solutions, Alternatives


Needs Analysis, Capability Testing, Partner Establishment, Board Reviews

Project Management

From Day 1 to Day ∞

The Logistics Tech Puzzle

Which Technology?

Is it better to buy off the shelf software, engage a cloud SaaS suite, or build your own solution?


Logistics companies need 99.999% reliable availability. Which solution provides the best coverage ?

Future Proof

You don’t want to be investing in new technologies every 18 months. Which programs are likely to last?


All logistics companies need to communicate with outside organisations. Are you better off with a marketplace, APIs, or bespoke integrations?

Legacy Systems

The existing systems might work to some extent. Newer is not always better. Can legacy systems be maintained or improved upon?

Deploy and run costs

Software companies often have a wide variety of service levels, fees and charges. There will also be internal costs that need to be considered.

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