Smartphone Detox

Yes, I am addicted to my smartphone. The f*****g thing is in my hand all the time. I don’t even know how it gets there. I deleted FB, TW and LI, but now just access them through the browser. I’m even using to make that harder, and I’ve figured a way around that. It’s […]

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Packoorang Sustainable Packaging

🌱 Carbon neutral reusable Palletwrap and mailer bag 🌱 Go from single use to 100x reuse 🌱 Go from from high footprint to no footprint Packoorang is a supplier of innovative reusable packaging and transport ecosystems. Our goal is to significantly reduce the environmental impact of transport by replacing single-use packaging with more financially and […]

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Logistics Tech Mind Map

Bad decisions in logistics technology can break careers and destroy companies. It’s a crowded marketplace full of vendors selling bright and shiny solutions full of jargon and confusing Three Letter Acronyms. I’m Marshall Hughes. I help companies implement technological change and innovation. I have 25 years of freight and logistics expertise with extensive tech and start-up knowledge. I’ve put together […]

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